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GT Text is very easy to use. Simply click the tool “Selection and Copy” and select the area of the image that you want to copy, then automatically GT Text will analyse and will show us a window with the proposed text. You can press “try again” to perfect the recognition.





Veronica Belmont from Tekzilla

In this video you can see how with the help of GT Text we can extract text from a picture taken from the explanatory label of a statue in the British Museum.

This video tutorial shows how GT Text is able to extract text from any relevant portion of a photograph or image.

Using the selection and copy tool, select the area of the barrel o the of the text we want to extract and GT Text will automatically interpret it and propose a candidate text. If we like the recognition we accept it by clicking the button “Continue” and it is pasted to the clipboard.

After this simple process, we need only to open our word processor, paste the text that GT Text has left in our clipboard and edit or change the content at our convenience.

That’s how fast and easy it’s to work with GT Text.

Finally an example of how to install GT Text, how to load different languages and finally another on how to perform text extraction from a video