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What is GT Text and what is the function of an OCR Software

An OCR tool transforms image text to its digitalized version,   allowing you to recognize and copy text to a format that all the editors and computers programs understand.

With GT Text, we take the approach that if you read it, you can copy it.    So we transform for you any text that you can not copy to the clipboard, to a format that your clipboard understands.

Also we help you digitalize image documents to its text format so its content can be searchable and editable easily in the future.

For example, just copy the text into a text editor of your choice, save the file, name it like image document and you searching now from your operating system, you will know which image contains that text.

GT Text performs fast OCR text recognition and copies image text to clipboard. Loads from screen snapshots, image files or scanned documents.

Extracting text from complex color images can be done immediately just by selecting any zone from an image, screenshots, web page (since version 2.0.1) , image files, and of course from scanned documents.        (Go to the latest version).


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