What is GT Text and what’s the function of an OCR Software

An OCR tool is basically to copy text, or tag images or scanned documents.

In the research of algorithms that extract text from color images a set of files with the exact location of the text is needed to avoid inefficient and tedious visual checks of the results.

This Ground Truth information saves enormous time and gives accuracy.         For this the GT Text helps to create fast and quality Ground Truthed data-sets from color text images.

GT Text performs fast OCR text recognition and copies image text to clipboard. Loads from screen snapshots, image files or scanned documents.

The basic level of work is at a pixel detection, making possible to group regions to form the glyph or even use a direct editing to get the choice.

Extracting text from complex color images can be done immediately just by selecting any zone from an image, screenshots, web page (from the version 2.0.1) , image files, and of course from scanned documents.       (Go to the latest version)



David Torné

What is GT Text OCR Software